[Ceph-community] ceph breizh camp

ERIC MOURGAYA VIRAPATRIN eric.mourgaya-virapatrin at arkea.com
Mon Jun 8 05:39:04 PDT 2015

The next ceph breizh camp will take place at Rennes (Britany) the 16th June.
The  meetup will begin at 10h00 at:

IRISA - Institut de Recherche en Informatique et Systèmes Aléatoires
263 Avenue Général Leclerc
35000 Rennes

building IRISA/Inria 12 F, allée Jean Perrin


The room  for the meetup will be Markov,  and of course the chains are welcome.

Your contact will be  Pascal Morillon.

You can enroll yourself  at this address : http://doodle.com/zfx75vn3y2ws9igu

During this day we will have 3 presentations:

-Around S3 gateway (Ghislain Chevalier)
-Deployment of Ceph  in a container (SIB)
-And the tool Crushsim (Xavier Villaneau)

 Enjoy you meetup.

Eric Mourgaya
Departement Technologies
Equipe Système
02 98 00 35 64

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