[Ceph-community] Glance and RBD export checksum mismatch

Brayan Perera brayan.perera at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 22:38:43 PDT 2019

Dear All,

Ceph Version : 12.2.5-2.ge988fb6.el7

We are facing an issue on glance which have backend set to ceph, when
we try to create an instance or volume out of an image, it throws
checksum error.
When we use rbd export and use md5sum, value is matching with glance checksum.

When we use following script, it provides same error checksum as glance.

We have used below images for testing.
1. Failing image (checksum mismatch): ffed4088-74e1-4f22-86cb-35e7e97c377c
2. Passing image (checksum identical): c048f0f9-973d-4285-9397-939251c80a84

Output from storage node:

1. Failing image: ffed4088-74e1-4f22-86cb-35e7e97c377c
checksum from glance database: 34da2198ec7941174349712c6d2096d8
[root at storage01moc ~]# python test_rbd_format.py
ffed4088-74e1-4f22-86cb-35e7e97c377c admin
Image size: 681181184
checksum from ceph: b82d85ae5160a7b74f52be6b5871f596
Remarks: checksum is different

2. Passing image: c048f0f9-973d-4285-9397-939251c80a84
checksum from glance database: 4f977f748c9ac2989cff32732ef740ed
[root at storage01moc ~]# python test_rbd_format.py
c048f0f9-973d-4285-9397-939251c80a84 admin
Image size: 1411121152
checksum from ceph: 4f977f748c9ac2989cff32732ef740ed
Remarks: checksum is identical

Wondering whether this issue is from ceph python libs or from ceph itself.

Please note that we do not have ceph pool tiering configured.

Please let us know whether anyone faced similar issue and any fixes for this.

import rados, sys, rbd

image_id = sys.argv[1]
    rados_id = sys.argv[2]
    rados_id = 'openstack'

class ImageIterator(object):
    Reads data from an RBD image, one chunk at a time.

    def __init__(self, conn, pool, name, snapshot, store, chunk_size='8'):
        self.pool = pool
        self.conn = conn
        self.name = name
        self.snapshot = snapshot
        self.chunk_size = chunk_size
        self.store = store

    def __iter__(self):
            with conn.open_ioctx(self.pool) as ioctx:
                with rbd.Image(ioctx, self.name,
                               snapshot=self.snapshot) as image:
                    img_info = image.stat()
                    size = img_info['size']
                    bytes_left = size
                    while bytes_left > 0:
                        length = min(self.chunk_size, bytes_left)
                        data = image.read(size - bytes_left, length)
                        bytes_left -= len(data)
                        yield data
                    raise StopIteration()
        except rbd.ImageNotFound:
            raise exceptions.NotFound(
                _('RBD image %s does not exist') % self.name)

conn = rados.Rados(conffile='/etc/ceph/ceph.conf',rados_id=rados_id)

with conn.open_ioctx('images') as ioctx:
        with rbd.Image(ioctx, image_id,
                       snapshot='snap') as image:
            img_info = image.stat()
            print "Image size: %s " % img_info['size']
            iter, size = (ImageIterator(conn, 'images', image_id,
'snap', 'rbd'), img_info['size'])
            import six, hashlib
            md5sum = hashlib.md5()
            for chunk in iter:
                if isinstance(chunk, six.string_types):
                    chunk = six.b(chunk)
            md5sum = md5sum.hexdigest()
            print "checksum from ceph: " + md5sum

Thank You !
Best Regards,
Brayan Perera

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