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Lenz Grimmer lgrimmer at suse.com
Wed Apr 24 06:29:01 PDT 2019

On 4/20/19 9:54 AM, Joao Eduardo Luis wrote:

> Given the number of emails we get sent to the list that actually belong
> on ceph-users or ceph-devel, could we include a disclaimer about those
> in the welcoming email?
> Something like
>   > Please be aware that this list is only for community organizational
> matters and questions regarding your planned, existing, or problematic
> deployments will not be answered.
>   > For those questions, we recommend reaching out to
> ceph-users at lists.ceph.com and/or ceph-devel at vger.kernel.org where you'll
> find those that can help you.
> This could be tweaked for sure. Maybe describe better what the list is
> all about, and/or give a few examples of things that should go into
> ceph-users or ceph-devel.

Agreed, that would be helpful. I also suggested to update the
information on https://ceph.com/irc/#mailing-lists - a while ago.
Maybe it's worth revisiting this?

Here are my suggestions that I sent to Mike and Sage back then - maybe
we could still implement them. Feedback is welcome:

* If possible, I would move the ceph-users row on the top of the table,
  followed by ceph-devel, ceph-community, ceph-announce (and then the

* The "Description" column of the table below this text is currently not
  used, I suggest to remove it (as the "list info" links should point to
  that information).

There are already some paragraphs above the table that actually try to
clarify the purpose of the most popular lists. I'd like to propose a
slight re-arrangement/rewording of this part:


The Ceph project provides a number of mailing lists for users and
developers to discuss various aspects of the project. These lists are
not private or restricted – if you’re interested in Ceph, you are
welcome to join any of our conversations!

*Security:* for all security notes, concerns, or vulnerabilities, please
email security at lists.ceph.com (this is a closed list).

*Ceph users, administrators and operators* should use the *ceph-users*
list to ask questions, share best practices, and help one another.

The *ceph-devel* list is for discussing topics related to the
development of Ceph, its interoperability with other technology, and the
operations of the project itself. If you want to
[contribute](http://docs.ceph.com/docs/master/dev/) to Ceph, this is a
good mailing list to join and follow.

*ceph-community* is the place for all discussions related to the Ceph
User Community, e.g. Ceph-related conferences and events, or
improvements to the Community infrastructure (e.g. this web site,
mailing lists, etc.).

The *ceph-announce* is a low-volume announcement mailing list. Subscribe
to this list to get notified about new Ceph releases and other news
relevant to the project.

Follow the "list info" links below for further details on the other
available mailing lists.


SUSE Linux GmbH - Maxfeldstr. 5 - 90409 Nuernberg (Germany)
GF:Felix Imendörffer,Jane Smithard,Graham Norton,HRB 21284 (AG Nürnberg)

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