[ceph-users] Is cache tiering production ready?

Yujian Peng pengyujian5201314 at 126.com
Wed Dec 17 01:44:36 PST 2014

Since firefly, ceph can support cache tiering.
Cache tiering: support for creating ‘cache pools’ that store hot, recently
accessed objects with automatic demotion of colder data to a base tier.
Typically the cache pool is backed by faster storage devices like SSDs.

I'm testing cache tiering, and everything goes well.

But rados -h shows that:
CACHE POOLS: (for testing/development only)
   cache-flush <obj-name>           flush cache pool object (blocking)
   cache-try-flush <obj-name>       flush cache pool object (non-blocking)
   cache-evict <obj-name>           evict cache pool object
   cache-flush-evict-all            flush+evict all objects
   cache-try-flush-evict-all        try-flush+evict all objects

rados -v
ceph version 0.80.7 (6c0127fcb58008793d3c8b62d925bc91963672a3)

Is cache tiering production ready?

Thanks a lot!

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