[ceph-users] Difference between CephFS and RBD

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Mon Jul 6 11:28:00 PDT 2015

CephFS is a filesystem, rbd is a block device.  CephFS is a lot like NFS;
it's a filesystem shared over the network where different machines can
access it all at the same time.  RBD is more like a hard disk image, shared
over the network.  It's easy to put a normal filesystem (like ext2) on top
of it and mount it on a computer, but if you mount the same RBD device on
multiple computers at once then Really Bad Things are going to happen to
the filesystem.

In general, if you want to share a bunch of files between multiple
machines, then CephFS is your best bet.  If you want to store a disk image,
perhaps for use with virtual machines, then you want RBD.  If you want
storage that is mostly compatible with Amazon's S3, then use radosgw.

On Mon, Jul 6, 2015 at 8:04 AM Hadi Montakhabi <hadi at cs.uh.edu> wrote:

> Hello Cephers,
> I can't quite grasp the difference between CephFS and Rados Block Device
> (RBD).
> In both cases we do mount the storage on the client and it is using the
> storage from the storage cluster.
> Would someone explain it to me like I am five please?
> Thanks,
> Hadi
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