[ceph-users] Increasing mon_pg_warn_max_per_osd in v12.2.2

SOLTECSIS - Victor Rodriguez Cortes vrodriguez at soltecsis.com
Mon Dec 4 01:59:51 PST 2017


I have upgraded from v12.2.1 to v12.2.2 and now a warning shows using
"ceph status":

# ceph status
    health: HEALTH_WARN
            too many PGs per OSD (208 > max 200)

I'm ok with the amount of PGs, so I'm trying to increase the max PGs.
I've tried adding this to /etc/ceph/ceph.conf and restarting

mon_pg_warn_max_per_osd = 300

I've also tried to inject the config  to running daemons with:

ceph tell mon.* injectargs  "-mon_pg_warn_max_per_osd 0"

But I'm getting "Error EINVAL: injectargs: failed to parse arguments:
--mon_pg_warn_max_per_osd,300" messages and I'm still getting the
HEALTH_WARN message in the status command.

How can I increase mon_pg_warn_max_per_osd?

Thank you!

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