[ceph-users] HELP with some basics please

Ronny Aasen ronny+ceph-users at aasen.cx
Mon Dec 4 11:47:21 PST 2017

On 04.12.2017 19:18, tim taler wrote:
>> In size=2 losing any 2 discs on different hosts would probably cause data to
>> be unavailable / lost, as the pg copys are randomly distribbuted across the
>> osds. Chances are, that you can find a pg which's acting group is the two
>> failed osd (you lost all your replicas)
> okay I see, getting clearer at least ;-)

you can also consider running  size=2, min_size=2 while restructuring.
it will block your problematic pg's if there is a failure, until the 
rebuild/rebalance is done. But it should be a bit more resistant to full 
cluster loss and/or corruption.

basically it means if there is less then 2 copies do not accept writes.  
if you want to do this depends on your requirements,
is it a bigger disaster to be unavailable a while, then there is to 
restore from backup.

kind regards
Ronny Aasen

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