[ceph-users] Replaced a disk, first time. Quick question

Michael Kuriger mk7193 at dexyp.com
Mon Dec 4 17:26:51 PST 2017

I've seen that before (over 100%) but I forget the cause.  At any rate, the way I replace disks is to first set the osd weight to 0, wait for data to rebalance, then down / out the osd.  I don't think ceph does any reads from a disk once you've marked it out so hopefully there are other copies.

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I replaced a disk today because it was marked as Predicted failure. These were the steps I took

ceph osd out osd17
ceph -w #waited for it to get done
systemctl stop ceph-osd at osd17
ceph osd purge osd17 --yes-i-really-mean-it
umount /var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-osdX

I noticed that after I ran the 'osd out' command that it started moving data around.

19446/16764 objects degraded (115.999%) <-- I noticed that number seems odd

So then I replaced the disk
Created a new label on it
Ceph-deploy osd prepare OSD5:sdd

THIS time, it started rebuilding

40795/16764 objects degraded (243.349%) <-- Now I'm really concerned.

Perhaps I don't quite understand what the numbers are telling me but is it normal for it to rebuilding more objects than exist?


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