[ceph-users] HELP with some basics please

Stefan Kooman stefan at bit.nl
Tue Dec 5 02:10:09 PST 2017

Quoting tim taler (robur314 at gmail.com):
> And I'm still puzzled about the implication of the cluster size on the
> amount of OSD failures.
> With size=2 min_size=1 one host could die and (if by chance there is
> NO read error on any bit on the living host) I could (theoretically)
> recover, is that right?
> OR is it that if any two disks in the cluster fail at the same time
> (or while one is still being rebuild) all my data would be gone?
Only the objects that are located on those disks. So for example obj1
disk1,host1 and obj 1 on disk2,host2 ... you will lose data, yes.

Gr. Stefan

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