[ceph-users] Running Jewel and Luminous mixed for a longer period

Wido den Hollander wido at 42on.com
Tue Dec 5 05:20:48 PST 2017


I haven't tried this before but I expect it to work, but I wanted to check before proceeding.

I have a Ceph cluster which is running with manually formatted FileStore XFS disks, Jewel, sysvinit and Ubuntu 14.04.

I would like to upgrade this system to Luminous, but since I have to re-install all servers and re-format all disks I'd like to move it to BlueStore at the same time.

This system however has 768 3TB disks and has a utilization of about 60%. You can guess, it will take a long time before all the backfills complete.

The idea is to take a machine down, wipe all disks, re-install it with Ubuntu 16.04 and Luminous and re-format the disks with BlueStore.

The OSDs get back, start to backfill and we wait.

My estimation is that we can do one machine per day, but we have 48 machines to do. Realistically this will take ~60 days to complete.

Afaik running Jewel (10.2.10) mixed with Luminous (12.2.2) should work just fine I wanted to check if there are any caveats I don't know about.

I'll upgrade the MONs to Luminous first before starting to upgrade the OSDs. Between each machine I'll wait for a HEALTH_OK before proceeding allowing the MONs to trim their datastore.

The question is: Does it hurt to run Jewel and Luminous mixed for ~60 days?

I think it won't, but I wanted to double-check.


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