[ceph-users] No ops on some OSD

I Gede Iswara Darmawan iswaradrmwn at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 22:18:39 PDT 2017


I want to ask about my problem. There's some OSD that dont have any load
(indicated with No ops on that OSD).

Hereby I attached the ceph osd status result : https://pastebin.com/fFLcCbpk
. Look at OSD 17,61 and 72. There's no load or operation happened at that
OSD. How to fix this?

Thank you
I Gede Iswara Darmawan
Information System - School of Industrial and System Engineering
Telkom University
P / SMS / WA : 081 322 070719
E : iswaradrmwn at gmail.com / iswaradrmwn at live.com
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