[ceph-users] FAILED assert(p.same_interval_since) and unusable cluster

Michael mehe.schmid at gmx.ch
Sat Nov 4 05:51:28 PDT 2017

Jon Light wrote:
> I followed the instructions in the Github repo for cloning and setting 
> up the build environment, checked out the 12.2.0 tag, modified OSD.cc 
> with the fix, and then tried to build with dpkg-buildpackage. I got 
> the following error:
> "ceph/src/kv/RocksDBStore.cc:593:22: error: ‘perf_context’ is not a 
> member of ‘rocksdb’"
> I guess some changes have been made to RocksDB since 12.2.0?
> Am I going about this the right way? Should I just simply recompile 
> the OSD binary with the fix and then copy it to the nodes in my 
> cluster? What's the best way to get this fix applied to my current 
> installation?
> Thanks
It's probably only an indirect help because you might just have the 
issue that you aren't using 12.2.1, but the way in which I got the patch 
applied on Ubuntu's bionic 12.2.1 is this: apt-get source ceph, wget 
patch file from github, cd to the ceph sources, quilt import <path to 
patchfile>, quilt push, pdebuild and then install the ceph-osd .deb .
At least roughly - you still may have to perform related configuration 
tasks like enabling deb-src entries in the apt sources file, setting up 
the standard pbuilderrc for bionic, and such.

As you might see on the bug tracker, the patch did apparently avoid the 
immediate error for me, but Ceph then ran into another error.

- Michael
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