[ceph-users] Issue with "renamed" mon, crashing

Anders Olausson anders at spacedump.se
Mon Nov 6 03:43:17 PST 2017


I recently (yesterday) upgraded to Luminous (12.2.1) running on Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS.
Upgrade went fine, no issues at all.
However when I was about to use ceph-deploy to configure some new disks it failed.
After some investigation I figured out that it didn't like that my mons was named ceph03mon on the host ceph03 for example, ceph-deploy gatherkeys ceph03 failed.
So I decided to rename my mons. I started with removing one of them:

# stop ceph-mon id=ceph03mon
# ceph mon remove ceph03mon
# cd /var/lib/ceph/mon/
# mv ceph-ceph03mon disabled-ceph-ceph03mon

Created the new one:

# mkdir tmp
# mkdir ceph-ceph03
# ceph auth get mon. -o tmp/keyring
# ceph mon getmap -o tmp/monmap
# ceph-mon -i ceph03 --mkfs --monmap tmp/monmap --keyring tmp/keyring
# chown -R ceph:ceph ceph-ceph03
# ceph-mon -i ceph03 --public-addr
# start ceph-mon id=ceph03

Starts OK, quorum is established, when it gets the command "ceph osd pool stat" for example, or "ceph auth list" it crashes.

Complete log can be found at: http://files.spacedump.se/ceph03-monerror-20171106-01.txt
Used below settings for logging in ceph.conf at the time:

       debug mon = 20
       debug paxos = 20
       debug auth = 20

I have now rolled back to the old monitor, it works as it should, on the same box etc. But it's the one upgraded from Hammer -> Jewel -> Luminous.

Any idea what the issue could be?

Best regards
  Anders Olausson
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