[ceph-users] ceph-backed VM drive became corrupted after unexpected VM termination

Дробышевский, Владимир vlad at itgorod.ru
Tue Nov 7 05:36:40 PST 2017


  I've got a weird situation with rdb drive image reliability. I found that
after hard-reset VM with ceph rbd drive from my new cluster become
corrupted. I accidentally found it during HA tests of my new cloud cluster:
after host reset VM was not able to boot again because of the virtual drive
errors. The same result will be if you just kill qemu process (like would
happened at host crash time).

  First of all I thought it is a guest OS problem. But then I tried
RouterOS (linux based), Linux, FreeBSD - all options show the same
  Then I blamed OpenNebula installation. For the test sake I've installed
the latest Proxmox (5.1-36) to another server. The first subtest: I've
created a VM in OpenNebula from predefined image, shut it down, then create
Proxmox VM and pointed it to the image was created from OpenNebula.
The second subtest: I've made a clean install from ISO with from Proxmox
console, having previously created from Proxmox VM and drive image (of
course, on the same ceph pool).
  Both results: unbootable VMs.

  Finally I've made a clean install to the fresh VM with local LVM-backed
drive image. And - guess what? - it survived qemu process kill.

  This is the first situation of this kind in my practice so I would like
to ask for guidance. I believe that it is a cache problem of some kind, but
I haven't faced it with earlier releases.

  Some cluster details:

  It's a small test cluster with 4 nodes, each has:

  2x CPU E5-2665,
  128GB RAM
  1 OSD with Samsung sm863 1.92TB drive
  IB connection with IPoIB on QDR IB network

  OS: Ubuntu 16.04 with 4.10 kernel
  ceph: luminous 12.2.1

  Client (kvm host) OSes:
  1. Ubuntu 16.04 (the same hosts as ceph cluster)
  2. Debian 9.1 in case of Proxmox


fsid = 6a8ffc55-fa2e-48dc-a71c-647e1fff749b

public_network =
cluster_network =

mon_initial_members = e001n01, e001n02, e001n03
mon_host =,,

rbd default format = 2

auth_cluster_required = cephx
auth_service_required = cephx
auth_client_required = cephx

osd mount options = rw,noexec,nodev,noatime,nodiratime,nobarrier
osd mount options xfs = rw,noexec,nodev,noatime,nodiratime,nobarrier
osd_mkfs_type = xfs

bluestore fsck on mount = true

debug_lockdep = 0/0
debug_context = 0/0
debug_crush = 0/0
debug_buffer = 0/0
debug_timer = 0/0
debug_filer = 0/0
debug_objecter = 0/0
debug_rados = 0/0
debug_rbd = 0/0
debug_journaler = 0/0
debug_objectcatcher = 0/0
debug_client = 0/0
debug_osd = 0/0
debug_optracker = 0/0
debug_objclass = 0/0
debug_filestore = 0/0
debug_journal = 0/0
debug_ms = 0/0
debug_monc = 0/0
debug_tp = 0/0
debug_auth = 0/0
debug_finisher = 0/0
debug_heartbeatmap = 0/0
debug_perfcounter = 0/0
debug_asok = 0/0
debug_throttle = 0/0
debug_mon = 0/0
debug_paxos = 0/0
debug_rgw = 0/0

osd op threads = 4
osd disk threads = 2
osd max backfills = 1
osd recovery threads = 1
osd recovery max active = 1


Best regards,
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