[ceph-users] Small cluster for VMs hosting

Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Tue Nov 7 05:45:47 PST 2017

Hi Gandalf,

El 07/11/17 a las 14:16, Gandalf Corvotempesta escribió:
> Hi to all
> I've been far from ceph from a couple of years (CephFS was still unstable)
> I would like to test it again, some questions for a production cluster 
> for VMs hosting:
> 1. Is CephFS stable?
> 2. Can I spin up a 3 nodes cluster with mons, MDS and osds on the same 
> machine?
> 3. Hardware suggestions?
Depends on your load. :-)
> 4. How can I understand the ceph health status output, in details? 
> I've not seen any docs about this
I think it is quite self-explanatory when you know how works Ceph. Don't 
run Ceph if you don't understand it :) Hell don't plan a Ceph deployment 
before understanding it either (reading this list can help too, look at 
the archives).
> 5. How can I know if cluster is fully synced or if any background 
> operation (scrubbing, replication, ...) Is running?
Looking at the health status output.
> 6. Is 10G Ethernet mandatory? Currently I only have 4 gigabit nic (2 
> for public traffic, 2 for cluster traffic)
It is not mandatory, I administer 4 3-node clusters and all have 1gbit NICs.


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