[ceph-users] "Metadata damage detected" on Jewel

Olivier Migeot olivier.migeot at teamto.fr
Tue Nov 7 06:08:50 PST 2017

Greetings, ceph-lings,

our disaster recovery goes well. All our PGs are clean now. But we still 
have a few "metadata damage" detected on CephFS, of the "dirfrag" 
flavour. I listed the related inodes and ran `find` on my FS : I know 
what folders would be lost if I were to "delete" these damages. And 
we're ready to lose these data.

Thing is, I'm not sure at all how I should delete these damages, though. 
Said folders shown as empty, but the pretend not to as soon as I try to 
`rm` them. Whenever I try to create/touch something inside, I get an 
ugly I/O error.

Is there any hope to jettison these folders? or is restarting a new 
CephFS from scratch the only way out of HEALTH_ERR by now?

Thanks alot,


Olivier Migeot

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