[ceph-users] Ganesha NFS

Daniel Gryniewicz dang at redhat.com
Fri Nov 10 10:26:11 PST 2017


NFSv3 is a bit different than v4.  In the case of v3, you need to mount 
the full path, rather than the Pseudo path.  This can cause problems for 
cephfs, because you probably exported / from cephfs.

A good solution to this is to set

mount_path_pseudo = true;

in the NFS_CORE_PARAM block.  This will cause v3 to mount by pseudo 
path, and therefore take the same mount arguments as v4 does.


On 11/09/2017 06:05 AM, jorpilo wrote:
> Hi!
> I would like to export my cephfs using Ganesha NFS to export a NFSv3 o NFSv4
> I am a little lost while doing it. I managed to make it working with 
> NFSv4 but I can't make it work with NFSv3 as the server refuses the 
> connection.
> Has anyone managed to do it?
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