[ceph-users] Erasure Coding Pools and PG calculation - documentation

Ashley Merrick ashley at amerrick.co.uk
Sat Nov 11 08:41:26 PST 2017


Are you having any issues with getting the pool working or just around the PG num you should use?


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Hey all,

I’m having some trouble setting up a Pool for Erasure Coding.  I haven’t found much documentation around the PG calculation for an Erasure Coding pool.  It seems from what I’ve tried so far that the math needed to set one up is different than the math you use to calculate PGs for a regular replicated pool.

Does anyone have any experience setting up a pool this way and can you give me some help or direction, or point me toward some documentation that goes over the math behind this sort of pool setup?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Tim Gipson
Systems Engineer

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