[ceph-users] Ubuntu upgrade Zesty => Aardvark, Implications for Ceph?

Ranjan Ghosh ghosh at pw6.de
Mon Nov 13 03:41:51 PST 2017

Hi everyone,

In January, support for Ubuntu Zesty will run out and we're planning to 
upgrade our servers to Aardvark. We have a two-node-cluster (and one 
additional monitoring-only server) and we're using the packages that 
come with the distro. We have mounted CephFS on the same server with the 
kernel client in FSTab. AFAIK, Aardvark includes Ceph 12.0. What would 
happen if we used the usual "do-release-upgrade" to upgrade the servers 
one-by-one? I assume the procedure described here 
"http://ceph.com/releases/v12-2-0-luminous-released/" (section "Upgrade 
from Jewel or Kraken") probably won't work for us, because 
"do-release-upgrade" will upgrade all packages (including the ceph ones) 
at once and then reboots the machine. So we cannot really upgrade only 
the monitoring nodes. And I'd rather avoid switching to PPAs beforehand. 
So, what are the real consequences if we upgrade all servers one-by-one 
with "do-release-upgrade" and then reboot all the nodes? Is it only the 
downtime why this isnt recommended or do we lose data? Any other 
recommendations on how to tackle this?

Thank you / BR


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