[ceph-users] ceph-disk should wait for device file /dev/sdXX file to be created before trying to run mkfs

Subhachandra Chandra schandra at grailbio.com
Mon Nov 13 10:14:53 PST 2017


    I am using ceph-ansible to deploy ceph to run as a container on VMs
running on my laptop. The VMs run CoreOS and the docker image being
installed has the tag "tag-build-master-luminous-ubuntu-16.04". The backend
is "bluestore".

  While running the "ceph-osd-prepare" stage, the installation fails while
trying to create an XFS file system on /dev/sdX1. The issue seems to be
that the device file /dev/sdX1is not visible inside the container when this
command is run and the file is visible/created with a small delay. I
verified that the file did exist shortly after the command failed by
looking inside the container and the host.

When creating a OSD node with two data drives, the command sometimes
succeeds on one or more of the drives while the other one fails. When run
enough times it succeeds on all the drives on that node.

populate_data_path_device: Creating xfs fs on /dev/sdb1
command_check_call: Running command: /sbin/mkfs -t xfs -f -i size=2048 --
/dev/sdb1: No such file or directory

It looks like ceph-disk should wait for the device file to exists before
running populate_data_path_device. Does this seem correct or am I hitting
some other issue?

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