[ceph-users] Incorrect pool usage statistics

Karun Josy karunjosy1 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 14:46:51 PST 2017


Recently, I deleted all the disks from an erasure pool 'ecpool'.
The pool is empty. However the space usage shows around 400GB.
What might be wrong?

$ rbd ls -l ecpool
$ $ ceph df

    SIZE       AVAIL      RAW USED     %RAW USED
    19019G     16796G        2223G         11.69
    NAME            ID     USED       %USED     MAX AVAIL     OBJECTS
    template     1        227G      1.59         2810G       58549
    vm             21          0         0         4684G           2
    ecpool          33       403G      2.79        10038G      388652
    imagepool       34     90430M      0.62         4684G       22789

Karun Josy
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