[ceph-users] features required for live migration

Konstantin Shalygin k0ste at k0ste.ru
Tue Nov 14 02:32:10 PST 2017

For understanding: live migration is just the same run like clean run 
from powered off state, exception only the copying memory from one host 
to another, i.e. if your VM start from powered off state, than live 
migration should works without any issues.

Also, client must be compatible with the features, otherwise qemu will 
not be able to work with the rbd. For this reason, there is an option 
that indicates the default features when creating a volume - if not 
possible to upgrade librbd on host (or any other component), the 
features can be customized for the present librbd.

On 11/14/2017 04:41 PM, Oscar Segarra wrote:
> Yes, but looks lots of features like snapshot, fast-diff require some 
> other features... If I enable exclusive-locking or journaling, live 
> migration will be possible too?
> Is it recommended to set KVM disk "shareable" depending on the 
> activated features?

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Konstantin Shalygin

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