[ceph-users] features required for live migration

Oscar Segarra oscar.segarra at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 03:47:46 PST 2017

Hi Konstantin,

Thanks a lot for your advice...

I'm specially interested in feature "Exclusive locking". Enabling this
feature can affect live/offline migration? In this scenario (online/offline
migration)  I don't know if two hosts (source and destination) need access
to the same rbd image at the same time

It looks that enabling Exlucisve locking you can enable some other
interessant features like "Object map" and/or "Fast diff" for backups.

Thanks a lot!

2017-11-14 12:26 GMT+01:00 Konstantin Shalygin <k0ste at k0ste.ru>:

> On 11/14/2017 06:19 PM, Oscar Segarra wrote:
> What I'm trying to do is reading documentation in order to understand how
> features work and what are they for.
> http://tracker.ceph.com/issues/15000
> I would also be happy to read what features have negative sides.
> The problem is that documentation is not detailed enough.
> The proof-test method you suggest I think is not a good procedure because
> I want to a void a corrpution in the future due to a bad configuration
> So my recommendation: if you can wait - may be from some side you receive
> a new information about features. Otherwise - you can set minimal features
> (like '3') - this is enough for virtualization (snapshots, clones).
> And start your project.
> --
> Best regards,
> Konstantin Shalygin
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