[ceph-users] Incomplete pgs on ceph which is partly on Bluestore

Ольга Ухина olga.uhina at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 04:30:52 PST 2017

Hi! I've a ceph installation where one host with OSDs are on Blustore and
three other are on FileStore, it worked till deleting this first host with
all Bluestore OSDs and then these OSDs were back completely clean. Ceph
remapped and I ended up with 19 pgs inactive and 19 incomplete. Primary
OSDs for some pgs are on this first host with Bluestore OSDs and replicas
on other host with Filestore. So I have replica of thess pgs. Is it
possible to repair these pgs? May be I can change primary OSD for pg?

Kind regards,
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