[ceph-users] Incomplete pgs on ceph which is partly on Bluestore

Ольга Ухина olga.uhina at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 04:34:10 PST 2017

Sorry, I've not mentioned, the ceph version is Luminous 12.2.1

С уважением,
Ухина Ольга

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2017-11-14 15:30 GMT+03:00 Ольга Ухина <olga.uhina at gmail.com>:

> Hi! I've a ceph installation where one host with OSDs are on Blustore and
> three other are on FileStore, it worked till deleting this first host with
> all Bluestore OSDs and then these OSDs were back completely clean. Ceph
> remapped and I ended up with 19 pgs inactive and 19 incomplete. Primary
> OSDs for some pgs are on this first host with Bluestore OSDs and replicas
> on other host with Filestore. So I have replica of thess pgs. Is it
> possible to repair these pgs? May be I can change primary OSD for pg?
> Kind regards,
> Olga
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