[ceph-users] 10.2.10: "default" zonegroup in custom root pool not found

Richard Chan richard at treeboxsolutions.com
Tue Nov 14 21:11:53 PST 2017

After creating a non-default root pool
rgw_realm_root_pool = gold.rgw.root
rgw_zonegroup_root_pool = gold.rgw.root
rgw_period_root_pool = gold.rgw.root
rgw_zone_root_pool = gold.rgw.root
rgw_region = gold.rgw.root

radosgw-admin realm create --rgw-realm gold --default
radosgw-admin zonegroup create --rgw-zonegroup=us  --default --master
--endpoints http://rgw:7480

The "default" is not respected anymore:

radosgw-admin period update

2017-11-15 04:50:42.400404 7f694dd4e9c0  0 failed reading zonegroup info:
ret -2 (2) No such file or directory
couldn't init storage provider

I require --rgw-zonegroup=us on command line or /etc/ceph/ceph.conf

This seems to be regression.

Richard Chan
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