[ceph-users] [Luminous, bluestore]How to reduce memory usage of OSDs?

lin yunfan lin.yunfan at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 18:40:35 PST 2017

Hi all,
      Is there a way to reduce memory usage of osd to below 800MB per
osd?My server has only about 1 GB memory for every osd and the osd
sometimes gets killed by oom killer.
I have used the newer version of luminous from github(12.2.1-249-g42172a4
(42172a443183ffe6b36e85770e53fe678db293bf)  to fix some memory problem of
bluestore cache) and used this config for bluestore cache
bluestore_cache_size = 104857600
bluestore_cache_kv_max = 67108864

     I have tested with both replicated and ec.Ec seems cost more memory
but even in replicated mode osd still gets killed by oom killer.

     I also find that if I restart  all the osds when the memory usage is
high then the memory usage goes down and It takes a few hour to get to the
memory usage level before the restart.

     I can bear with some performance loss to get the memory usage down but
I am running out of idea how to do that:<
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