[ceph-users] who is using nfs-ganesha and cephfs?

Rafael Lopez rafael.lopez at monash.edu
Thu Nov 16 00:17:21 PST 2017

We are running RHCS2.3 (jewel) with ganesha 2.4.2 and cephfs fsal, compiled
from srpm. experimenting with CTDB for controlling ganesha HA since we run
samba on same servers.

Haven't done much functionality/stress testing but on face value basic
stuff seems to work well (file operations).

In terms of performance, last time I tested ganesha it seemed comparable to
ceph-fuse (RHCS2.x/jewel, i think luminous ceph-fuse is better). Though I
haven't done rigorous metadata tests or multiple client tests. Also our
ganesha servers are quite small, as we are thus far only serving cephfs
natively. eg 4G ram 1 core. Here are some FIO results:

jobs in order are:
1. async 1M
2. sync 1M
3. async 4k
4. sync 4k
5. seq read 1M
6. rand read 4k

Ceph cluster is RHCS 2.3 (10.2.7)

CEPH-FUSE (10.2.x)
  WRITE: io=143652MB, aggrb=490328KB/s, minb=490328KB/s, maxb=490328KB/s,
mint=300002msec, maxt=300002msec
  WRITE: io=14341MB, aggrb=48947KB/s, minb=48947KB/s, maxb=48947KB/s,
mint=300018msec, maxt=300018msec
  WRITE: io=9808.2MB, aggrb=33478KB/s, minb=33478KB/s, maxb=33478KB/s,
mint=300001msec, maxt=300001msec
  WRITE: io=424476KB, aggrb=1414KB/s, minb=1414KB/s, maxb=1414KB/s,
mint=300003msec, maxt=300003ms
   READ: io=158069MB, aggrb=539527KB/s, minb=539527KB/s, maxb=539527KB/s,
mint=300008msec, maxt=300008msec
   READ: io=1881.2MB, aggrb=6420KB/s, minb=6420KB/s, maxb=6420KB/s,
mint=300001msec, maxt=300001msec

ganesha (nfs3)
  WRITE: io=157891MB, aggrb=538923KB/s, minb=538923KB/s, maxb=538923KB/s,
mint=300006msec, maxt=300006msec
  WRITE: io=38700MB, aggrb=132093KB/s, minb=132093KB/s, maxb=132093KB/s,
mint=300006msec, maxt=300006msec
  WRITE: io=3072.0MB, aggrb=10148KB/s, minb=10148KB/s, maxb=10148KB/s,
mint=309957msec, maxt=309957msec
  WRITE: io=397516KB, aggrb=1325KB/s, minb=1325KB/s, maxb=1325KB/s,
mint=300001msec, maxt=300001msec
   READ: io=82521MB, aggrb=281669KB/s, minb=281669KB/s, maxb=281669KB/s,
mint=300002msec, maxt=300002msec
   READ: io=1322.2MB, aggrb=4513KB/s, minb=4513KB/s, maxb=4513KB/s,
mint=300001msec, maxt=300001msec

cephfs kernel client
  WRITE: io=471041MB, aggrb=1568.8MB/s, minb=1568.8MB/s, maxb=1568.8MB/s,
mint=300394msec, maxt=300394msec
  WRITE: io=50005MB, aggrb=170680KB/s, minb=170680KB/s, maxb=170680KB/s,
mint=300006msec, maxt=300006msec
  WRITE: io=169092MB, aggrb=577166KB/s, minb=577166KB/s, maxb=577166KB/s,
mint=300000msec, maxt=300000msec
  WRITE: io=530548KB, aggrb=1768KB/s, minb=1768KB/s, maxb=1768KB/s,
mint=300003msec, maxt=300003msec
   READ: io=121501MB, aggrb=414720KB/s, minb=414720KB/s, maxb=414720KB/s,
mint=300002msec, maxt=300002msec
   READ: io=3264.6MB, aggrb=11142KB/s, minb=11142KB/s, maxb=11142KB/s,
mint=300001msec, maxt=300001msec

happy to share fio job file if anyone wants it.

On 9 November 2017 at 08:41, Sage Weil <sweil at redhat.com> wrote:

> Who is running nfs-ganesha's FSAL to export CephFS?  What has your
> experience been?
> (We are working on building proper testing and support for this into
> Mimic, but the ganesha FSAL has been around for years.)
> Thanks!
> sage
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