[ceph-users] Restart is required?

Piotr Dałek piotr.dalek at corp.ovh.com
Thu Nov 16 06:18:53 PST 2017

On 17-11-16 02:44 PM, Jaroslaw Owsiewski wrote:
> HI,
> what exactly means message:
> filestore_split_multiple = '24' (not observed, change may require restart)
> This has happend after command:
> # ceph tell osd.0 injectargs '--filestore-split-multiple 24'

It means that "filestore split multiple" is not observed for runtime 
changes, meaning that new value will be stored in osd.0 process memory, but 
not used at all.

> Do I really need to restart OSD to make changes to take effect?
> ceph version 12.2.1 () luminous (stable)


Piotr Dałek
piotr.dalek at corp.ovh.com

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