[ceph-users] Use case for multiple "zonegroup"s in a realm

Richard Chan richard at treeboxsolutions.com
Fri Nov 17 18:15:02 PST 2017

What are good use cases for multiple zonegroups: is this mainly a
namespacing thing? What do you use it for?

Please help my understanding:

Within a realm, all zonegroups share the same namespace(object IDs?) for
tenants, users, and buckets(is this correct)? All these entities are
created in the master zone of the master zonegroup.

However separate zonegroups are used if you want to avoid blob sync'ing,
i.e, there is intra-zonegroup sync'ing but no inter-zonegroup sync.

RHCS2 documentation uses only one zonegroup:

SES3 documentation uses only one zonegroup:


Richard Chan
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