[ceph-users] Reboot 1 OSD server, now ceph says 60% misplaced?

Tracy Reed treed at ultraviolet.org
Sun Nov 19 01:43:20 PST 2017

One of my 9 ceph osd nodes just spontaneously rebooted.  

This particular osd server only holds 4% of total storage. 

Why, after it has come back up and rejoined the cluster, does ceph
health say that 60% of my objects are misplaced?  I'm wondering if I
have something setup wrong in my cluster. This cluster has been
operating well for the most part for about a year but I have noticed
this sort of behavior before. This is going to take many hours to
recover. Ceph 10.2.3.

Thanks for any insights you may be able to provide!

Tracy Reed
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