[ceph-users] Configuring ceph usage statistics

Richard Cox richard.cox at pdfcomplete.com
Mon Nov 20 13:30:56 PST 2017

Attempting to set up a proof of concept ceph cluster (3 osd's 1 mon node), and everything is working as far as radowsgw and s3 connectivity, however I can't seem to get any usage statistics.

Looking at the documentation this is enabled by default, but just in case it isn't, I have


rgw enable usage log = true
rgw usage log tick interval = 30
rgw usage log flush threshold = 1024
rgw usage max shards = 32
rgw usage max user shards = 1

I read and write to the cluster using a set up demo account; however when I try to view the usage stats:

radosgw-admin -uid=demo usage show
    "entries": [],
    "summary": []

I'm sure there's something blindingly obvious that I'm missing, but I'm at my wits end to what it could be.

Thanks for any assistance!


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