[ceph-users] rbd: list: (1) Operation not permitted

Manuel Sopena Ballesteros manuel.sb at garvan.org.au
Mon Nov 20 20:13:27 PST 2017

Ok, I got it working. I got help from the irc channel, my problem was a type in the command managing caps for the user.


From: Manuel Sopena Ballesteros
Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2017 2:56 PM
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Subject: rbd: list: (1) Operation not permitted

Hi all,

I just built a small ceph cluster for Openstack but I am getting a permission problem:

[root at zeus-59 ~]# ceph auth list
installed auth entries:
        key: AQCvaBNawgsXAxAA18S90LWPLIiZ4tCY0Boa/w==
        caps: [mon] allow r
        caps: [osd] allow class-read object_prefix rdb_children, allow rwx pool=volumes,
        key: AQCiaBNaTDOCJxAArUEI6cuqLmiF2TqictGAEA==
        caps: [mon] allow r
        caps: [osd] allow class-read object_prefix rdb_children, allow rwx pool=images

[root at zeus-59 ~]# cat /etc/ceph/ceph.client.cinder.keyring
        key = AQCvaBNawgsXAxAA18S90LWPLIiZ4tCY0Boa/w==

[root at zeus-59 ~]# rbd -p volumes --user cinder ls
rbd: list: (1) Operation not permitted

[root at zeus-59 ~]# rbd -p images --user glance ls

I also tried deleting and recreating user and pool but that didn't fix the issue.

Ceph looks ok because user glance can list images pool, but I am not sure why user cinder doesn't have permission as they both have same permissions to their respective pools?

Any advice?

Thank you very much

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