[ceph-users] Ubuntu upgrade Zesty => Aardvark, Implications for Ceph?

Ken Dreyer kdreyer at redhat.com
Tue Nov 21 08:51:50 PST 2017

As a tangent, it's a problem for download.ceph.com packages that
"xenial" happens to sort alphabetically after "bionic", because
do-release-upgrade will consider (for example) "ceph_12.2.1-1xenial"
to be newer than "ceph_12.2.1-1bionic". I think we need to switch to
using "ubuntu16.04", "ubuntu18.04" suffixes instead.

- Ken

On Mon, Nov 13, 2017 at 4:41 AM, Ranjan Ghosh <ghosh at pw6.de> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> In January, support for Ubuntu Zesty will run out and we're planning to
> upgrade our servers to Aardvark. We have a two-node-cluster (and one
> additional monitoring-only server) and we're using the packages that come
> with the distro. We have mounted CephFS on the same server with the kernel
> client in FSTab. AFAIK, Aardvark includes Ceph 12.0. What would happen if we
> used the usual "do-release-upgrade" to upgrade the servers one-by-one? I
> assume the procedure described here
> "http://ceph.com/releases/v12-2-0-luminous-released/" (section "Upgrade from
> Jewel or Kraken") probably won't work for us, because "do-release-upgrade"
> will upgrade all packages (including the ceph ones) at once and then reboots
> the machine. So we cannot really upgrade only the monitoring nodes. And I'd
> rather avoid switching to PPAs beforehand. So, what are the real
> consequences if we upgrade all servers one-by-one with "do-release-upgrade"
> and then reboot all the nodes? Is it only the downtime why this isnt
> recommended or do we lose data? Any other recommendations on how to tackle
> this?
> Thank you / BR
> Ranjan
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