[ceph-users] luminous - 12.2.1 - stale RBD locks after client crash

Nikola Ciprich nikola.ciprich at linuxbox.cz
Tue Nov 21 23:50:58 PST 2017

Hello ceph users and developers,

I've stumbled upon a bit strange problem with Luminous.

One of our servers running multiple QEMU clients crashed.
When we tried restarting those on another cluster node,
we got lots of fsck errors, disks seemed to return "physical"
block errors. I figured this out to be stale RBD locks on volumes
from the crashed machine. Wnen I removed the locks, everything
started to work. (for some volumes, I was fixing those the another
day after crash, so it was >10-15hours later)

My question is, it this a bug or feature? I mean, after the client
crashes, should locks somehow expire, or they need to be removed
by hand? I don't remember having this issue with older ceph versions,
but I suppose we didn't  have exclusive locks feature enabled..

I'll be very grateful for any reply

with best regards

Ing. Nikola CIPRICH
LinuxBox.cz, s.r.o.
28.rijna 168, 709 00 Ostrava

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