[ceph-users] How Rados gateway stripes and combines object data

Prasad Bhalerao prasadbhalerao1983 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 22:43:11 PST 2017


I am new to CEPH and I have some question regarding it?

Could you please help out?

What is default value of rgw_stripe_size and max_chunk_size?

What is default size of object stored in Ceph Storage Cluster? Is it
dependent on stripe size or chunk size?

What is bucket with respect to RGW? How one should decide the name of
bucket? Does creating too many bucket (different bucket per request)
creates performance problem?

Why does CEPH first stripes the data into series of stripes and then again
divide these stripes into smaller chunks? Is striping data into stripes not

If an object is divided into series of smaller units (for performance
benefit) , how does CEPH returns the complete object when GET request is

Where does it store the ids/numbers of subsequent stripes to form a
complete object from its smaller chunks?

Does striping a small object (e.g. 100 KB to 4 MB) creates a performance
overhead as CEPH has to read all the chunks related to this Object and then
combine it into one single object before it returns it? Isn't it too much
optimization for handling smaller objects?

Does librados (ceph native apis) also perform data striping if used for
storing data into CEPH cluster?

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