[ceph-users] Sharing Bluestore WAL

meike.talbach at women-at-work.org meike.talbach at women-at-work.org
Thu Nov 23 09:19:17 PST 2017


in our preset Ceph cluster we used to have 12 HDD OSDs per host.
All OSDs shared a common SSD for journaling.
The SSD was used as root device and the 12 journals were files in the /usr/share directory, like this:

OSD 1 - data /dev/sda - journal /usr/share/sda
OSD 2 - data /dev/sdb - journal /usr/share/sdb

We now want to migrate to Bluestore and continue to use this approach.
I tried to use "ceph-deploy osd prepare test04:sdc --bluestore --block-db /var/local/sdc-block --block-wal /var/local/sdc-wal" to setup an OSD which essentially works.

However I'm wondering is this correct at all.
And how can I make sure that the sdc-block and sdc-wal to not fill up the SSD disk.
Is there any option to limit the file size and what are the recommended value of such an option?

Thank you


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