[ceph-users] "failed to open ino"

Jens-U. Mozdzen jmozdzen at nde.ag
Mon Nov 27 05:05:56 PST 2017

Hi David,

Zitat von David C <dcsysengineer at gmail.com>:
> Hi Jens
> We also see these messages quite frequently, mainly the "replicating
> dir...". Only seen "failed to open ino" a few times so didn't do any real
> investigation. Our set up is very similar to yours, 12.2.1, active/standby
> MDS and exporting cephfs through KNFS (hoping to replace with Ganesha
> soon).

been there, done that - using Ganesha more than doubled the run-time  
of our jobs, while with knfsd, the run-time is about the same for  
CephFS-based and "local disk"-based files. But YMMV, so if you see  
speeds with Ganesha that are similar to knfsd, please report back with  

> Interestingly, the paths reported in "replicating dir" are usually
> dirs exported through Samba (generally Windows profile dirs). Samba runs
> really well for us and there doesn't seem to be any impact on users. I
> expect we wouldn't see these messages if running active/active MDS but I'm
> still a bit cautious about implementing that (am I being overly cautious I
> wonder?).

 From what I can see, it would have to be A/A/P, since MDS demands at  
least one stand-by.


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