[ceph-users] luminous ceph-fuse crashes with "failed to remount for kernel dentry trimming"

Andras Pataki apataki at flatironinstitute.org
Mon Nov 27 14:31:41 PST 2017

Dear ceph users,

After upgrading to the Luminous 12.2.1 ceph-fuse client, we've seen 
clients on various nodes randomly crash at the assert
     FAILED assert(0 == "failed to remount for kernel dentry trimming")

with the stack:

      ceph version 12.2.1 (3e7492b9ada8bdc9a5cd0feafd42fbca27f9c38e)
    luminous (stable)
      1: (ceph::__ceph_assert_fail(char const*, char const*, int, char
    const*)+0x110) [0x55555584ad80]
      2: (C_Client_Remount::finish(int)+0xcf) [0x5555557e7fff]
      3: (Context::complete(int)+0x9) [0x5555557e3dc9]
      4: (Finisher::finisher_thread_entry()+0x198) [0x555555849d18]
      5: (()+0x7e25) [0x7ffff60a3e25]
      6: (clone()+0x6d) [0x7ffff4f8234d]

Any ideas what causes this and what we could do about it?


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