[ceph-users] ceph-disk is now deprecated

Alfredo Deza adeza at redhat.com
Tue Nov 28 03:47:36 PST 2017

On Tue, Nov 28, 2017 at 1:56 AM, Andreas Calminder
<andreas.calminder at klarna.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks for the heads-up. As someone who's currently maintaining a
> Jewel cluster and are in the process of setting up a shiny new
> Luminous cluster and writing Ansible roles in the process to make
> setup reproducible. I immediately proceeded to look into ceph-volume
> and I've some questions/concerns, mainly due to my own setup, which is
> one osd per device, simple.
> Running ceph-volume in Luminous 12.2.1 suggests there's only the lvm
> subcommand available and the man-page only covers lvm. The online
> documentation http://docs.ceph.com/docs/master/ceph-volume/ lists
> simple however it's lacking some of the ceph-disk commands, like
> 'prepare' which seems crucial in the 'simple' scenario. Does the
> ceph-disk deprecation imply that lvm is mandatory for using devices
> with ceph or is just the documentation and tool features lagging
> behind, I.E the 'simple' parts will be added well in time for Mimic
> and during the Luminous lifecycle? Or am I missing something?

In your case, all your existing OSDs will be able to be managed by
`ceph-volume` once scanned and the information persisted. So anything
from Jewel should still work. For 12.2.1 you are right, that command
is not yet available, it will be present in 12.2.2

For the `simple` sub-command there is no prepare/activate, it is just
a way of taking over management of an already deployed OSD. For *new*
OSDs, yes, we are implying that we are going only with Logical Volumes
for data devices. It is a bit more flexible for Journals, block.db,
and block.wal as those
can be either logical volumes or GPT partitions (ceph-volume will not
create these for you).

> Best regards,
> Andreas
> On 27 November 2017 at 14:36, Alfredo Deza <adeza at redhat.com> wrote:
>> For the upcoming Luminous release (12.2.2), ceph-disk will be
>> officially in 'deprecated' mode (bug fixes only). A large banner with
>> deprecation information has been added, which will try to raise
>> awareness.
>> We are strongly suggesting using ceph-volume for new (and old) OSD
>> deployments. The only current exceptions to this are encrypted OSDs
>> and FreeBSD systems
>> Encryption support is planned and will be coming soon to ceph-volume.
>> A few items to consider:
>> * ceph-disk is expected to be fully removed by the Mimic release
>> * Existing OSDs are supported by ceph-volume. They can be "taken over" [0]
>> * ceph-ansible already fully supports ceph-volume and will soon default to it
>> * ceph-deploy support is planned and should be fully implemented soon
>> [0] http://docs.ceph.com/docs/master/ceph-volume/simple/
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