[ceph-users] ceph-disk is now deprecated

Yoann Moulin yoann.moulin at epfl.ch
Wed Nov 29 04:51:09 PST 2017

Le 27/11/2017 à 14:36, Alfredo Deza a écrit :
> For the upcoming Luminous release (12.2.2), ceph-disk will be
> officially in 'deprecated' mode (bug fixes only). A large banner with
> deprecation information has been added, which will try to raise
> awareness.
> We are strongly suggesting using ceph-volume for new (and old) OSD
> deployments. The only current exceptions to this are encrypted OSDs
> and FreeBSD systems
> Encryption support is planned and will be coming soon to ceph-volume.
> A few items to consider:
> * ceph-disk is expected to be fully removed by the Mimic release
> * Existing OSDs are supported by ceph-volume. They can be "taken over" [0]
> * ceph-ansible already fully supports ceph-volume and will soon default to it
> * ceph-deploy support is planned and should be fully implemented soon
> [0] http://docs.ceph.com/docs/master/ceph-volume/simple/
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Is that possible to update the "add-or-rm-osds" documentation to have also the process with ceph-volume. That would help to the adoption.


This page should be updated as well with ceph-volume command.


Documentation (at least for master, maybe for luminous) should keep both options (ceph-disk and ceph-volume) but with a warning message to
encourage people to use ceph-volume instead of ceph-disk.

I agree with comments here that say changing the status of ceph-disk as deprecated in a minor release is not what I expect for a stable storage
systems but I also understand the necessity to move forward with ceph-volume (and bluestore). I think keeping ceph-disk in mimic is necessary,
even though there is no update, just for compatibility with old scripts.

Yoann Moulin

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