[ceph-users] ceph-volume lvm for bluestore for newer disk

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Wed Nov 29 23:30:46 PST 2017


I'm following
to create new OSD's.

I took the latest branch from https://shaman.ceph.com/repos/ceph/luminous/

# ceph -v
ceph version 12.2.1-851-g6d9f216

What I did, formatted the device.

#sgdisk -Z /dev/sdv
Creating new GPT entries.
GPT data structures destroyed! You may now partition the disk using fdisk or
other utilities.

Getting below error while the creation of bluestore OSD's

# ceph-volume lvm prepare --bluestore  --data /dev/sdv
Running command: sudo vgcreate --force --yes
ceph-b2f1b9b9-eecc-4c17-8b92-cfa60b31c121 # use uuidgen to create an ID,
use this for all ceph nodes in your cluster /dev/sdv
 stderr: Name contains invalid character, valid set includes:
  New volume group name "ceph-b2f1b9b9-eecc-4c17-8b92-cfa60b31c121 # use
uuidgen to create an ID, use this for all ceph nodes in your cluster" is
  Run `vgcreate --help' for more information.
-->  RuntimeError: command returned non-zero exit status: 3

# grep fsid /etc/ceph/ceph.conf
fsid = b2f1b9b9-eecc-4c17-8b92-cfa60b31c121

My question

1. We have 68 disks per server so for all the 68 disks sharing same Volume
group --> "ceph-b2f1b9b9-eecc-4c17-8b92-cfa60b31c121" ?
2. Why ceph-volume failed to create vg name with this name, even I manually
tried to create, as it will ask for Physical volume as argument
    #vgcreate --force --yes "ceph-b2f1b9b9-eecc-4c17-8b92-cfa60b31c121"
  No command with matching syntax recognised.  Run 'vgcreate --help' for
more information.
  Correct command syntax is:
  vgcreate VG_new PV ...

Please let me know the comments.

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