[ceph-users] rbd mount unmap network outage

Hauke Homburg hhomburg at w3-creative.de
Wed Nov 29 23:31:25 PST 2017


Actually i am working on a NFS HA Cluster to export rbd Images with NFS.
To test the failover i tried the following:


i set the rbdimage to exclusive Lock and the osd and mon timeout to 20

on 1 NFS Server i mapped the rbd image with rbd map. after mapping i
blocked the TCP ports with iptables to simulate a network outage. Ports
tcp 6789 and 6800:7300.

I can see with rbd status that the watchers on the CLuster itself are
unmapped after timeout.

The nfs server gives encountered watch error -110.

The NFS Server tries to connect libceph to another mon.

When all this happens i cannot unmap the image.

Ceph CLuster is 10.2.10 with Centos 7 the NFS Server is Debian 9. The
Pacemaker ra is ceph-resource.agents 10.2.10.

My consideration is to unmap the image when the network outage happens,
because the failover and the Problem that i don't want to mount 1 rbd
image with 2 Server to prevent data damage. after network outage is solved.

Thanks fpr Help





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