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Jasper Spaans ceph-users at use.startmail.com
Mon Oct 2 23:37:47 PDT 2017


On 02/10/2017 13:34, Osama Hasebou wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> Is there a guide/tutorial about how to setup Ceph monitoring system
> using collectd / grafana / graphite ? Other suggestions are welcome as
> well !
> I found some GitHub solutions but not much documentation on how to
> implement.

I tried setting up Prometheus to add monitoring to my Ceph
single-node-cluster at home using the new ceph-mgr goodies, but that
didn't really work out of the box[0]. This because there are some issues
with the identifier names being generated by the prometheus module for
ceph-mgr in luminous, which appear to have been solved in the master branch.

Just plugging in a fresh prometheus/module.py[1] and restarting the mgr
daemon allowed me to actually scrape the target using prometheus though.

Now to find or build a pretty dashboard with all of these metrics. I
wasn't able to find something in the grafana supplied dashboards, and
haven't spent enough time on openattic to extract a dashboard from
there. Any pointers appreciated!

As a side note, during his talk at the NL Ceph day, John Spray spoke
about being more liberal with updates/backports for those modules. Would
this be a candidate for such a policy, as the current one is dysfunctional?


[0] I'm running the Ceph-supplied packages on Debian, currently at
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