[ceph-users] zone, zonegroup and resharding bucket on luminous

Yoann Moulin yoann.moulin at epfl.ch
Tue Oct 3 00:10:04 PDT 2017


>> I'm doing some tests on the radosgw on luminous (12.2.1), I have a few questions.
>> In the documentation[1], there is a reference to "radosgw-admin region get" but it seems not to be available anymore.
>> It should be "radosgw-admin zonegroup get" I guess.
>> 1. http://docs.ceph.com/docs/luminous/install/install-ceph-gateway/
>> I have installed my luminous cluster with ceph-ansible playbook.
>> but when I try to manipulate zonegroup or zone, I have this
>>> # radosgw-admin zonegroup get
>>> failed to init zonegroup: (2) No such file or directory
> try with --rgw-zonegroup=default
>>> # radosgw-admin  zone get
>>> unable to initialize zone: (2) No such file or directory
> try with --rgw-zone=default
>> I guessed it's because I don't have a realm set and not default zone and zonegroup ?
> The default zone and zonegroup are  part of the realm so without a
> realm you cannot set them as defaults.
> This means you have to specifiy --rgw-zonegroup=default and --rgw-zone=default
>  I am guessing our documentation needs updating :(
> I think we can improve our behavior and make those command works
> without a realm , i.e return the default zonegroup and zone. I will
> open a tracker issue for that.

a bug seems to be already open :


>> Is that the default behaviour not to create default realm on a fresh radosgw ? Or is it a side effect of ceph-ansible installation ?
> It is the default behavior, there is no default realm.
>> I have a bucket that referred to a zonegroup but without realm. Can I create a default realm ? Is that safe for the bucket that has already been
>> uploaded ?
> Yes You can create a realm and add the zonegroup to it.
> Don't forgot to do "radosgw-admin period update --commit" to commit the changes.

I did that :

# radosgw-admin realm create --rgw-realm=default --default
    "id": "b5cc8a8e-bd96-4b19-8cdd-e87a58ed518a",
    "name": "default",
    "current_period": "e7bfcb5a-829b-418f-ae26-d6573a5cc8b9",
    "epoch": 2

# radosgw-admin zonegroup modify --realm-id=b5cc8a8e-bd96-4b19-8cdd-e87a58ed518a --rgw-zonegroup=default --default

# radosgw-admin zone modify --realm-id=b5cc8a8e-bd96-4b19-8cdd-e87a58ed518a --rgw-zone=default --default

# radosgw-admin period update --commit

and it works now, I can edit zone and zonegroup :)

>> On the "default" zonegroup (which is not set as default), the  "bucket_index_max_shards" is set to "0", can I modify it without reaml ?
> I just updated this section in this pr: https://github.com/ceph/ceph/pull/18063

as discuss on irc, I did that but found on a bug :

# radosgw-admin bucket reshard process --bucket image-net --num-shards=150

=> http://tracker.ceph.com/issues/21619


Best regards,

Yoann Moulin

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