[ceph-users] BlueStore questions about workflow and performance

Alex Gorbachev ag at iss-integration.com
Tue Oct 3 05:59:04 PDT 2017

Hi Sam,

On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 6:01 PM Sam Huracan <nowitzki.sammy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Anyone can help me?
> On Oct 2, 2017 17:56, "Sam Huracan" <nowitzki.sammy at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm reading this document:
>> http://storageconference.us/2017/Presentations/CephObjectStore-slides.pdf
>> I have 3 questions:
>> 1. BlueStore writes both data (to raw block device) and metadata (to
>> RockDB) simultaneously, or sequentially?
>> 2. From my opinion, performance of BlueStore can not compare to FileStore
>> using SSD Journal, because performance of raw disk is less than using
>> buffer. (this is buffer purpose). How do you think?
>> 3.  Do setting Rock DB and Rock DB Wal in SSD only enhance write, read
>> performance? or both?
>> Hope your answer,
I am researching the same thing, but recommend you look at

And also search for Bluestore cache to answer some questions.  My test
Luminous cluster so far is not as performant as I would like, but I have
not yet put a serious effort into tuning it, amd it does seem stable.

Hth, Alex

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