[ceph-users] bad crc/signature errors

Josy josy at colossuscloudtech.com
Wed Oct 4 08:57:26 PDT 2017


We have setup a cluster with 8 OSD servers (31 disks)

Ceph health is Ok.
[root at las1-1-44 ~]# ceph -s
     id:     de296604-d85c-46ab-a3af-add3367f0e6d
     health: HEALTH_OK

     mon: 3 daemons, quorum ceph-las-mon-a1,ceph-las-mon-a2,ceph-las-mon-a3
     mgr: ceph-las-mon-a1(active), standbys: ceph-las-mon-a2
     osd: 31 osds: 31 up, 31 in

     pools:   4 pools, 510 pgs
     objects: 459k objects, 1800 GB
     usage:   5288 GB used, 24461 GB / 29749 GB avail
     pgs:     510 active+clean

We created a pool and mounted it as RBD in one of the client server. 
While adding data to it, we see this below error :

[939656.039750] libceph: osd20 bad crc/signature
[939656.041079] libceph: osd16 bad crc/signature
[939735.627456] libceph: osd11 bad crc/signature
[939735.628293] libceph: osd30 bad crc/signature


Can anyone explain what is this and if I can fix it ?

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