[ceph-users] Xen & Ceph bad crc

Osama Hasebou osama.hasebou at csc.fi
Thu Oct 5 00:05:03 PDT 2017

Hi Everyone, 

We are testing running Ceph as a backend for Xen server acting as the client, and when a pool was created and mounted it as RBD in one of the client server, while adding data to it, we see this below error : 

[939656.039750] libceph: osd20 bad crc/signature 
[939656.041079] libceph: osd16 bad crc/signature 
[939735.627456] libceph: osd11 bad crc/signature 
[939735.628293] libceph: osd30 bad crc/signature 

They are like 15 to 50 times in an hour when it happens, There are some hours when it don't happens there are 564 such errors since yesterday. 

# uname -sr 
Linux 4.13.1-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64 

# ceph -v 
ceph version 12.2.0 (32ce2a3ae5239ee33d6150705cdb24d43bab910c) luminous (rc) 

# cat /etc/*-release 
CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core) 

Any ideas why is this happening ? 



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