[ceph-users] Re : Re : bad crc/signature errors

Olivier Bonvalet ceph.list at daevel.fr
Thu Oct 5 09:05:21 PDT 2017

Le jeudi 05 octobre 2017 à 17:03 +0200, Ilya Dryomov a écrit :
> When did you start seeing these errors?  Can you correlate that to
> a ceph or kernel upgrade?  If not, and if you don't see other issues,
> I'd write it off as faulty hardware.

Well... I have one hypervisor (Xen 4.6 and kernel Linux 4.1.13), which
have the problem for a long time, at least since 1 month (I haven't
older logs).

But, on others hypervisors (Xen 4.8 with Linux 4.9.x), I haven't the
And it's when I upgraded thoses hypervisors to Linux 4.13.x, that "bad
crc" errors appeared.

Note : if I upgraded kernels on Xen 4.8 hypervisors, it's because some
DISCARD commands over RBD were blocking ("fstrim" works, but not
"lvremove" with discard enabled). After upgrading to Linux 4.13.3,
DISCARD works again on Xen 4.8.

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