[ceph-users] Real disk usage of clone images

Josy josy at colossuscloudtech.com
Sat Oct 7 00:33:59 PDT 2017


Not sure if this is a good/valid question.

I have deployed a lot of VMs in a ceph cluster that were cloned from an 
original rbd image.
I want to see how much of the original image is a new VM (cloned image)  
using. Is there any command to get such details?


$ rbd info cvm/f6d058e73ab4a0e1262b3140731b4980-1
rbd image 'f6d058e73ab4a0e1262b3140731b4980-1':
         size 61440 MB in 15360 objects
         order 22 (4096 kB objects)
         block_name_prefix: rbd_data.a2f03d1b58ba
         format: 2
         features: layering
         create_timestamp: Fri Oct  6 19:20:53 2017
ostemplates/windows-81-x64-20171004 at snap_windows-81-x64-20171004
         overlap: 50000 MB

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